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Next start: date 5 May 2021

helping professionals Manage a high stress workplace 
and banish burnout
With the one and only:


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Hello! I’m Dr Leila, and together with Amanda Mead 

I would love to show you how to step out of survival mode, 
and start to really thrive at work and at home.

Using my signature three step process, you will :
1. Reconnect with yourself
2. Build awareness of your patterns and
3. Make better choices.

You will also: 

Stop worrying,
 Stop undervaluing yourself, 
Stop putting yourself last, and 

find your confidence, courage and self belief so that life becomes rich, joyful and wholehearted.

We’re all about:

 Supporting your genius and resourcefulness 
so that you can manage a high stress workplace and a family, 
while also looking after you, the most important link in the chain.

You’re not a machine.
You’re not weak and 
You’re not wrong for feeling 
overwhelmed, exhausted and irritable.

Seeking support can feel vulnerable, but you will discover 
it’s the most courageous step you can take.

If you want to: 

Improve your effectiveness at work and at home, 
build self confidence and create warm, 
fulfilling relationships, this course is for you.

In six weeks we will take you from exhausted to expansive, from irritable to joyful, and from overwhelmed to spacious.

Next 6 week (online course) start date: 5 May 2021 
with a weekly Q & A session (for 6 weeks) Tuesday's at 9am (NSW time)
Recordings are accessible each week so you can go at you own pace.
Recordings will be accessible within your own membership area from 5 May 2021 (weekly)

You have the opportunity to enroll now and save $500.

What You Will Learn From My
6 week online signature course:
 Week one

Take a break from your mind and reconnect to your deeper self. Learn tools to quiet the incessant anxious chatter and drop into your precious, calm internal space.
Reconnect to your joy, feel your sense of belonging and rekindle loving kindness.

Week two

Clean up your act. Commit to habits which will support a healthy body and mind. Discover the concept of mental hygiene and replace negative meaning making with healthy, supportive thinking.

Week three

All about boundaries. Discover how to make clear boundaries around what you love so that you feel powerful, choice-full and able to say no when you need to.

Week four
Recognise and manage anxiety. Develop tools for creating calm and building internal support, even in the face of a high stress workplace. You will learn skills that last a lifetime and which you can pass on to your children.

Week five
Light a fire inside. Reconnect with what lights you up in your unique life, and find the momentum to go after it.
Recognise the power of lighting a candle instead of cursing the darkness.

Week six 

Develop your sense of self compassion and self acceptance. Dive into the concept of unconditional positive regard for yourself. Together we will Explore how self love leads to positive change.

BOOK TODAY and receive a discount: 

$500 off our usual price!
Usually $1495 - You pay $995 (discounted)

You get:

6 x 1 hour of recorded coaching sessions 
6 x 30 minutes of Q & A sessions 

"Your energy investment - one hour recorded webinar per week
10 minutes of homework each day and a weekly Q & A session."

"Your return, CPD's*, inner calm, strong boundaries and a confidence to take the next step." 

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30 day money back guarantee...
 no questions asked!

 Note: This course is highly experiential. There will be homework each week which will take five or ten minutes a day to complete. Just like a gym membership, success depends on doing the work. 

I believe that crisis is the greatest opportunity for growth.
In my work as a GP and a Gestalt psychotherapist, my passion is to support
clients through their journey, turning challenges into gold.
I work with lawyers and barristers to overcome perfectionism, anxiety and work life imbalance,  towards a vibrant, rich and rewarding life, where wellbeing and success go hand in hand. 
Through my business, Thrive with Dr Leila, I offer face to face and online personal psychotherapy, women’s mastermind groups and international personal growth retreats in Bali and France.
I am based in Brisbane, Australia.


Amanda is an experienced (award winning) owner with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. Amanda is passionate about helping lawyers and barristers unlock the profitability potential of their law firm through better systems and learning how to close more sales without feeling salesy.
Combining her legal experience with her background as a fitness and lifestyle coach Amanda also helps lawyers find better balance in their life and reignite their passion for law.
Amanda provides holistic business & lifestyle coaching both online and face to face.

*You will be required to make your own enquiries regarding CPD's within your legal jurisdiction.

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